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Gina Denholm

supporting you to befriend your whole self

Gina's interest in working with pain recovery stems from her lived experience of persistent physical and psychological discomfort. In the early 2000s, due to ongoing wrist pain and weakness diagnosed as a repetitive strain injury (RSI), Gina walked away from a promising music career to rest her wrists. Several years of episodic headaches, persistent Achilles tendinitis and panic attacks followed. Around 2005, Gina came across the work of mindbody medicine pioneer Dr John Sarno and his theory of TMS in The Mindbody Prescription. She experienced a 'book cure', recovering her wrist function and overcoming her other symptoms over a few months.

In 2011, Gina experienced a new challenge – symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). After eight months of deterioration and struggling to walk without pain despite frequent physiotherapy and alternative treatments, she decided to investigate whether this could be another TMS/neuroplastic pain manifestation. Upon finding Dr Howard Schubiner and reading his book Unlearn Your Pain, she once again resolved her symptoms using a mindbody approach. She has used the same approach to overcome IBS, episodes of plantar fasciitis, TMJ, low back pain and various other puzzling tissue, nerve and muscular conditions, supported by some excellent pain-savvy practitioners along the way. 

Gina has taken every new challenge as an opportunity to learn more about herself, pain science and the latest mindbody approaches to pain, anxiety and other forms of suffering. At the same time, through psychotherapy, she has radically shifted her relationship to the anxiety that was sitting beneath her physical symptoms all along. 

Since 2017, Gina has dedicated herself to training in numerous modalities in order to serve others in their quest for mindbody integration.

qualifications and training

PACFA registered Psychotherapist

Advanced Clinical Training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy 

Internal Family Systems Practitioner L1

Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner

Embodied Processing Practitioner 

SIRPA-trained Pain Practitioner

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